Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Arli is 8 months

Where is all the time going ?? in 4 months I will be posting pics of her 1 year old birthday party :( sad... she is getting big so so fast !! Here is what she is up too...

Weighs 24 pounds.. still a chunky monkey but the rolls are slowly going away. ( sad )
She LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse, I have to limit her or else she would watch it all day!
She loves reading she will laugh and help me turn the pages, when I stop she will cry.. (shes not a drama queen at all.) wink wink
She is still sleeping thru the night , wakes up at 6 and I feed her and try to put her back down somedays it works and somedays not so much..
She has 6 TEETH!!
She can crawl backwards not forwards
She can almost stand up all by her self with no hands
She is getting sick of baby food and wants whatever we are eating, but then gags caz she cant chew that great yet.
Her favorite thing to do is swim and say dad and dada all day long while Brian is at work .
She also loves dancing , she didnt get it from me and brian caz we really cant dance.. but its super cute..

Happy 4th of July !! i heart naptime blog inspired me to make some cute 4th of July stuff.. Have a great Holiday weekend !!

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