Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Arli is 8 months

Where is all the time going ?? in 4 months I will be posting pics of her 1 year old birthday party :( sad... she is getting big so so fast !! Here is what she is up too...

Weighs 24 pounds.. still a chunky monkey but the rolls are slowly going away. ( sad )
She LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse, I have to limit her or else she would watch it all day!
She loves reading she will laugh and help me turn the pages, when I stop she will cry.. (shes not a drama queen at all.) wink wink
She is still sleeping thru the night , wakes up at 6 and I feed her and try to put her back down somedays it works and somedays not so much..
She has 6 TEETH!!
She can crawl backwards not forwards
She can almost stand up all by her self with no hands
She is getting sick of baby food and wants whatever we are eating, but then gags caz she cant chew that great yet.
Her favorite thing to do is swim and say dad and dada all day long while Brian is at work .
She also loves dancing , she didnt get it from me and brian caz we really cant dance.. but its super cute..

Happy 4th of July !! i heart naptime blog inspired me to make some cute 4th of July stuff.. Have a great Holiday weekend !!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Because I love looking and all you ladies cute home decor ideas , you all give me so much inspiration I decided to share with you what i did today :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Is HERE!!

Hi my name is Jen .. and welcome to my crazy life...
So our summer has started ! and you know what that means ! our life is crazy busy!! Brian is working for Moxie Pest Control and guess what so am I ! and cant forget Arli I also still do hair and babysit a friends kids one day a week .. whheeewwwww One of our good friends has opened his office this year in Arizona and we are so lucky we didnt have to make a long drive to another state and leave our house for the summer ...So far Brian has been selling great and the heat hasn't started to bug him yet .. we will see tho in a few months lol

this is Arli and I and this is pretty much what we look like everyday at work .. I answer the phones at the office at night and im lucky enough that I get to bring my little baby with me !! I really do enjoy working in the office and im so happy im able to do it & bring her with me!!!

GOOD job babe thanks for all your hard work selling everyday ! We are so lucky to have you!!

This is Arli, and yes she is 7 months old!!! can you believe that!!! ????
My little girl can:
* stand for like one sec ( long enough to snap a pic)
* she cant crawl yet.. she is so not motivated she would much rather just play
* she loves baby food and is eating crackers now and sucks all the frosting off of cookies
* Can say 3 words! Mama Dada and Baba
* she laughs at you
* she loves swimming
* stopped nursing and is a full time formula girl
* i just love this little chunky girl
* Weighs 20 lbs and 28 1/2 inches tall
* in the 98% for all 3!

One thing I have started a month ago was doing coupons !!! i know im like 3 years too late but i have been saving us so much money!! i come home with way more food for way less all thanks to the website in the picture the retail value is 120.00 i spent 50.00... !! not good enough to be on extreme couponing but maybe someday !

Lastly Arli and I were able to start the summer of right with a trip to Cali!! We were able to go with my mom and dad for a few days . We had a blast and were able to see some of our cousins i hadnt scene in over 5 years :) Heres is too a great summer !! Can wait !!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday

Projects.. so I have been slowly trying to finish our home. But i think it will be a never ending process!!! a few weeks ago some of our good friends Adam and Nicole gave us there old computer desk and i painted it cream and put it in our office!! then i painted a matching chair.. but i couldnt stop there !!! Then I finished with a cute picture fram memory board. Someday I will get our office / craft room done!!!!

Also this month .. I turned 24!! Im not going to lie, I would of been fine it just being another day because im not ready to get old. I think I am fine with being 23 forever. Its the 2 year anniversary for Brian and I, and the year I had a sweet little baby girl Arli!! oh well it can only get better from here right??
here is the only picture I was able to take with my hubs on my b day he is pretty anti camera and Im surprised he actually smiled!!!
We went out for a fun family dinner at my favorite restaurant Carrabbas!!! Arli was so good the whole time and we had an amazing time !! Thanks again to all the family and friends and especially my wonderful husband Brian for making my day so special !! I love you guys..

Arli is 5 months !! where did the time go?? wasnt I just pregnant?? ill post 5 month pics soon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Little Fam

Happy Anniversary!!! This month has been full of fun things, to start off on Feb 12th Brian and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We has a super fun day thanks to grandma and grandpa and all Arlis little aunties that helped watch her so Brian and I went out on a hot date ! We stayed out till 1 am it was so fun!! just like the old days when we were dating.. I love my husband so much, im so grateful for him. In the good times and bad he is my best friend and my rock ! I would do it all over again ! Thanks for an amazing 2 years Lover !

Arli is 4 Months old!!!!
K so i love this pic.. this is her watching tv while momma does this dishes.. she is trying not to fall asleep ..
4 MONTH Stats
Weight : 18 lbs
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Head 17 1/2 inches ( Smithson Huge Head )
99% tile for all 3!

Started this girl on rice cereal !! She was not to sure about it..

Arli is ..
1 Loving being a big girl and can almost sit up
2 Laughs at you when you smile
3 Likes to be tickled and actually laughs
4 Likes watching mickey club house on disney
5 Tries to roll over but cant yet
6 Loves to snuggle with her mom.. she will sleep in till 9 if im holding her
7 is eating rice cereal!!
8 loves going for walks
9 is talking more.. or i guess its called cooing
10 is so much fun to be with i love this little baby girl !!

Picture with Grandpa .. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines Decor

SO all around blog land everyone has cute pics of Valentines Decor! I just love it.. so i went for it and made my own wreath for my front door!!
All you need is a cute baby like this.. no just kidding
Tools: Wreath any kind your going to cover it up so a dollar store one will work
Fabric or old t shirts that what i used
Glue gun
Rhinestones for the center!!
Good luck and have fun making a wreath for your front door!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

3 Months Old!

Arli is 3 months old!!
Things she can do now is ..
1 Smile all the time
2 Has 4 fat rolls on each leg
3 Can totally hold up her head
4 Loves to be held
5 Loves talking especially right before she gets tired. She will start out talking and end up yelling caz she is tired.
6 She eats every 2 hours unless she is busy playing and forgets she is hungry
7 Loves to lay on her blankets and watch tv or stare at her toys or watch football
8 Loves bath time .. she would stay in there for hours if i let her..
9 Smiles when she sees her mom or dad
10 Growing up so fast! Its kinda making me sad

She weighs 13.12 pounds
24 inches long