Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Little Fam

Happy Anniversary!!! This month has been full of fun things, to start off on Feb 12th Brian and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We has a super fun day thanks to grandma and grandpa and all Arlis little aunties that helped watch her so Brian and I went out on a hot date ! We stayed out till 1 am it was so fun!! just like the old days when we were dating.. I love my husband so much, im so grateful for him. In the good times and bad he is my best friend and my rock ! I would do it all over again ! Thanks for an amazing 2 years Lover !

Arli is 4 Months old!!!!
K so i love this pic.. this is her watching tv while momma does this dishes.. she is trying not to fall asleep ..
4 MONTH Stats
Weight : 18 lbs
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Head 17 1/2 inches ( Smithson Huge Head )
99% tile for all 3!

Started this girl on rice cereal !! She was not to sure about it..

Arli is ..
1 Loving being a big girl and can almost sit up
2 Laughs at you when you smile
3 Likes to be tickled and actually laughs
4 Likes watching mickey club house on disney
5 Tries to roll over but cant yet
6 Loves to snuggle with her mom.. she will sleep in till 9 if im holding her
7 is eating rice cereal!!
8 loves going for walks
9 is talking more.. or i guess its called cooing
10 is so much fun to be with i love this little baby girl !!

Picture with Grandpa .. :)


  1. Happy Ammiversary! glad you got to have a fun night together. Arli is a doll i just love all the pictures of her, she is so stylin. Hope she starts to like the cereal better. based on the pictures she wasnt to sure.

  2. She is beautiful Jen......But I'm not surprised....Just look at her Mommy :)