Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Is HERE!!

Hi my name is Jen .. and welcome to my crazy life...
So our summer has started ! and you know what that means ! our life is crazy busy!! Brian is working for Moxie Pest Control and guess what so am I ! and cant forget Arli I also still do hair and babysit a friends kids one day a week .. whheeewwwww One of our good friends has opened his office this year in Arizona and we are so lucky we didnt have to make a long drive to another state and leave our house for the summer ...So far Brian has been selling great and the heat hasn't started to bug him yet .. we will see tho in a few months lol

this is Arli and I and this is pretty much what we look like everyday at work .. I answer the phones at the office at night and im lucky enough that I get to bring my little baby with me !! I really do enjoy working in the office and im so happy im able to do it & bring her with me!!!

GOOD job babe thanks for all your hard work selling everyday ! We are so lucky to have you!!

This is Arli, and yes she is 7 months old!!! can you believe that!!! ????
My little girl can:
* stand for like one sec ( long enough to snap a pic)
* she cant crawl yet.. she is so not motivated she would much rather just play
* she loves baby food and is eating crackers now and sucks all the frosting off of cookies
* Can say 3 words! Mama Dada and Baba
* she laughs at you
* she loves swimming
* stopped nursing and is a full time formula girl
* i just love this little chunky girl
* Weighs 20 lbs and 28 1/2 inches tall
* in the 98% for all 3!

One thing I have started a month ago was doing coupons !!! i know im like 3 years too late but i have been saving us so much money!! i come home with way more food for way less all thanks to the website in the picture the retail value is 120.00 i spent 50.00... !! not good enough to be on extreme couponing but maybe someday !

Lastly Arli and I were able to start the summer of right with a trip to Cali!! We were able to go with my mom and dad for a few days . We had a blast and were able to see some of our cousins i hadnt scene in over 5 years :) Heres is too a great summer !! Can wait !!

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